Nicaragua 2016

On May 22, 2016,  42 of our brigaders traveled to Nicaragua for our 2nd annual brigade. There, we helped provide care to over 750 patients, built three sanitation systems, and helped dig a trench for an upcoming water system in three separate communities. With the help of the Office of Learning Abroad, Project CURE, and the organizers of Nicaragua's Global Brigades, this was the largest brigade in the history of the University of Houston at the time.


La Mora

At a clinic in the middle of the province of La Mora, our brigaders helped local doctors and dentists provide care to over 750 people, many of whom walked miles during the day to obtain adequate healthcare. We also taught children proper oral hygiene.



In the department of Jinotega in northern Nicaragua, our brigaders continued with our Public Health portion. Split into groups, we helped workers build sanitation systems and dug a water trench for local families.