May 2017 - Camille Ngo

While all of our brigaders went above and beyond the call of duty, we want to recognize the top member of our Honduras brigade: Camille Ngo (a.k.a Camila)!

3 words that describe her are warmth, diligence, and passion!

Camille’s enthusiasm to serve others permeated the entire brigade! She would constantly ensure the pharmacy was running smoothly and even gently inquired that the pharmacist had eaten. She also enjoyed playing soccer with the kids as well as interacting with them in Spanish!

Camille’s diligence in serving others did not stop there. She tirelessly worked on the public health latrines, rarely taking a break, and her knack for building was impressive! Whether it was learning how to hammer a door together or sawing through pieces of wood, Camille truly had the curiosity to learn. She would also carry buckets of cement on her own and by the end of the day her face would be the same shade of Cougar Red! She never complained about being exhausted and even used her extra time to teach English words to the construction workers. And as she was saying her goodbyes to the family, she donated her shoes and hat to them.

Even when were not working, Camille always took the time to meet the compound workers, translators, and other brigaders.

Camille aspires to be an occupational therapist, and we know her love for helping others will truly make her shine. We wish you the best in all that you do and thank you for the amazing job you did!

May 2016 - Daniel Alcaraz

Daniel Alcaraz writing labels for medications on our medication sorting day

Daniel Alcaraz writing labels for medications on our medication sorting day

Our May 2016 Brigade to Nicaragua was one filled with exemplary dedication, motivation, and pursuit of happiness in helping others. All of 42 of our members worked together to fulfill the common goal of helping bring essential medical care to those in need, and working with families to inhibit preventable diseases. However, one member stood out from the rest: Daniel Alcaraz.

Day in and Day out, Daniel put his blood, sweat, and tears into his work (literally). With bloody hands, he kept hammering dirt away with his pick axe, and shoveling heavy concrete into buckets. His determination and resolve to keep working despite the hot, humid conditions was inspiring. Daniel with his all his work, out did more then 10 peoples worth of work from another school in digging out a trench for a water project. 

Despite his rugged appearance during the Public Health and Water brigade days, Daniel's heart came out during the Medical brigade days. He actively engaged with the kids during charla. Playing games with kids, while teaching them the importance brushing their teeth. His interactions with the community during triage and medical consult was sensational. He truly embodied the GMB spirit on our brigade.

As such it is with great pleasure that we award Daniel Alcaraz as our May 2016 Member of the Month.