Ways to Help


Global Medical Brigades at the University of Houston is purely run by student volunteers. All our members are dedicated to helping  serve those in need through their own personal initiative. To help serve those in need we engage in 9 day brigades that consist of a Medical/Dental Brigade, Public Health Brigade, and a Water Brigade.

Medical/Dental Brigade 

The Medical/Dental Brigade consists of 3 days of clinical work in a rural community. Together with in-country doctors, volunteers set out to help over 750+ patients throughout the brigade. During these 3 days, volunteers will have the ability to shadow Physicians, Gynecologist*, Dentist, and Pharmacists and learn valuable lessons on the application and practice of medicine in rural communities using basic equipment. Volunteers will have the ability to work one on one with patients by triaging patients and by helping to teach kids how to properly brush their teeth and maintain proper hygiene. 

Public Health Brigade

A 2 day brigade, Public Health Brigades are a part of Global Brigades holistic model. The purpose of Public Health Brigades is to prevent common diseases seen in the Medical Brigade clinics, such as parasites, by working with families to construct sanitary stations and installing concrete floors in homes. This 2 day brigade requires a fair deal of manual labor, but the ability to visually see a drastic improvement immediately and the gratification achieved is tremendous knowing the families you worked with have a substantially lower probability of contracting preventable diseases.

Water Brigade

No Public Health Brigade would be effective if the families lack access to clean drinking water. That is where Water Brigades come in. As part of every Medical Brigade, chapters across the nation and world engage in a one day Water Brigade to help build a small part of a water system for a community. This labor intense half-day involves either digging a trench or laying pipes in a trench to help build a piece of a water system.



If you are unable to volunteer on our brigades, you may make a donation to help raise the funds required to provide all the supplies and medications required for a Medical Brigade.